During morning huddle, a physician discussed a patient being non-compliant most likely due to the patient being very young and not taking his illness seriously. The TS made sure to engage this patient right away, as there usually is some underlying factor as to why a patient is non-compliant. 

While engaging the patient and asking our unique set of social determinate questions, the patient explained his wife had recently passed away unexpectedly leaving him 3 children, 1 being an infant, to raise alone. He explained that “missing work to go to a doctor’s appointment, the copays and medication cost just made him think of the money as wasted on himself instead of his children”. Going from two incomes to one suddenly put him in a severe hardship. 

The TS discussed the patient’s work schedule and discovered our CareNow facility, being open 7 days a week 12 hrs a day, was the perfect office for his follow up care. He would be able to get the follow up he needed without missing any work. The TS also looked at his current medications, worked with the hospitalist and enrolled the patient into a foundation found in our Patient Navigation System software that would cover his medication free of charge for a year. The TS knew of other programs available to the patient and took it one step further, she used the A2H tool to find a Johnson & Johnson program that helps patients facing hardships and supplies them with diapers, wipes, formula and other baby care items. 

The patient began to cry when the TS told him of all the help he would be receiving. The patient stated “I never thought coming to the hospital could answer so many prayers.

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