Our story

Our journey started from a research project conducted by Cleveland Clinic focused on the principle that individuals (patients) need to play an increased role in their health and health care decision-making in order to achieve the optimal benefits. The argument that we as healthcare providers could provide "perfect care" could be derailed by the patient not holding up their end of the bargain (adhering to medications - 24%, maintaining the right diet - 24% , or seeking care - 19% if they gained three pounds in a single day).

If you look under the hood a little deeper, you start realizing that every person has their own set of challenges and story that make these statistics true. My grandmother, for instance, did not finish high school nor understand the impact of managing a diet of 1500 mg of sodium or less in a day. She was incapable of scheduling her own appointments or transporting herself to and from the physician’s office and back, let alone afford the 13 medication's that she was prescribed. Everyone we hire can share a similar experience watching a loved one unnecessarily struggle or pass away too soon. It is the one thing that is a binding attribute for those that we hire in the interest of empathy and the fact that we all play a role in healthcare to help develop solutions around these scenarios.

One of the things we are very proud of is that we have been an early innovator and pioneer in many of the categories needed to build out a robust care navigation and population health solution. This has allowed us to gain the experience and learn the lessons of how to solve complex issues around these topics. We were one of the first companies to develop a mobile wireless application with the help of Apple after Steve Jobs rolled out the iPad for the first time in 2010. We've also been a pioneer in medication delivery programs and were the first company to provide clinically built meals to patients post discharge.

In 2014, we launch our first generation “Generosity” program connecting thousands of manufactures, foundations, philanthropic, legacy funds, community/social programs to target specific social responsibility, health equity topics that negatively impact communities. We were a very early adopter of social determinant programs and mapping these requirements to community resources and embedding this information back into the EMR.

The most recent years have been focused on automation and artificial intelligence capabilities to address efficiencies related to labor and throughput. As regulations continue to change, the task and labor burden continues to fall onto the clinical teams to keep up with a growing list of responsibilities in order to solve these complex and time-consuming challenges. Making life easier for caregivers and ultimately allowing them to practice at the top of licensure has been a big focus of our work force optimization strategies.

Today we serve patients across all facets of healthcare - health systems, employers, payers, hospitalists, post-acute, and clinically integrated networks. During this journey, we have built an exciting company and have had the fortunate opportunity to work with over 100 health systems, employers, and payers perfecting our ability to be relevant while making a difference. We have built world class technology and have done a good job at recruiting and retaining a team of truly passionate and smart people who uniquely understand the complexities of our customers and patients we all ultimately serve.

We would appreciate the opportunity to share our story and how we are differentiating our customers.


Patient Engagement Advisors

Jeff L. Moreland, BSN

CEO/Chief Patient Officer

Our Credo

To positively transform the financial viability of our client partners

To successfully transition patients through their health experience

Differentiate our client partners in the markets they serve

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