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We are the heart of whole patient care
26% Increase in Medical Group Referral Volume
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we are the heart of whole patient care
Use Artificial Intelligence to Drive Labor Efficiency 3 to 1
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we are the heart of whole patient care
Solve for Food Insecurity - Food Swamps and Deserts
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we are the heart of whole patient care
Lower the Length of Stay .22 Days
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we are the heart of whole patient care
Deliver Nutrition & Medications for Hospital at Home
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Impact Strategic Imperatives to Contend with Changing Healthcare Paradigms

Health systems need to contend with changing requirements of hyper-competitive market share pressures, entrance of non-traditional providers (retailers and payers), inflationary labor spend/shortages, and value-based contracts.

PEA can help in the following areas:


Converting cost centers to revenue centers, enhancing network integrity objectives, and decreasing utilization aligned with value-based contracts.

for life

Impact market share by successfully navigating patients/consumers across your affiliated and aligned physician and post acute network providers. 


Alleviate staffing concerns and save on agency nurses through an on demand / tech-enabled labor model that distributes tasks, load balances work effort, and enhances delivery across the enterprise.

at scale

Aligning social determinants, preferences, and service recovery to meet anticipated and unanticipated needs (e.g., health equity, community alignment) for every patient/consumer.

Throughput / Length of Stay

Automation of key operational processes that eliminate bottlenecks within the ED and enable care teams to discharge more efficiently.

We’re in it for the WOW Moments that Make a Difference.

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Going Beyond Support

41-year-old, legally blind patient readmitted to ER for 5th time in previous 12 months. She was very distraught and upset with her predicament. She was a Medicaid Share of Cost Eligible patient / on disability and had no idea what this meant or how it worked. Her eligibility status had changed and she was being denied coverage for her medications. She required insulin medications and physician visits. And, she was told she needed to pay out of pocket for her >$1000/month medications and appointments.

Compassionate Care

She had not taken any of her critical medications in the last 90 days (sharing her friend’s insulin ad hoc) nor seen her doctor as of late as she could not afford this. We came in, enrolled her into our program, explained the Share Cost Program to her (how it worked), we called her pharmacy and had them review her medications on file, asked to have them fax proof of her medical expenses which needed proof of exceeding $829/month to the Share Cost department. We explained that, over the next few days, they would fax back to her pharmacy for approval and coverage for $0 out of pocket expense moving forward for her – she couldn’t believe it! We additionally scheduled her follow up primary care doctor (relationship she valued from historical days), and we tracked down her Medicaid Case # so she could apply / start the process for Medicaid Nutrition Waiver as she was an uncontrolled diabetic. We worked with her caregiver on how to continue to support remaining steps of this process after being discharged from the ER and gave her our number / card for ongoing support needs.


I asked the patient what she thought of the program – she said “this was the most help I have ever had in my life!” Assisting this patient was a very emotional and satisfying experience.

Grow Your Career with PEA

If you are looking to advance your career, want to make a difference in people’s lives, or find purpose in your work, Patient Engagement Advisors will get you there…